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How I Got Rid of the Expectations That Nearly Destroyed My Marriage

Marriage is hard. I’ll be the first to admit all those years of studying relationships in graduate school gave me a wealth of knowledge about how to have a successful marriage, but living that knowledge is an entirely different story. My marriage is a constant work in progress — emphasis on work. My husband and [Read more…]

Marriage: This is NOT What We Signed Up For

“I God, take you….” My husband’s vows were interrupted by an explosion of laughter. Did he really just call himself God? I shook my head and joined in the laughter. “Let’s try that again,” the minister said. “Maybe a little bit slower this time. I K.Y.L.E…” Laughter has always been the thread that holds our [Read more…]


June 26th, 2015 will be a day our nation will always remember. It’s the day the supreme court ruled in favor of amending the constitution to include gay marriage as a nation wide right. Some of us rejoiced with our rainbow filtered profile pictures and #lovewins hashtags. Others of us preached with disdain that sin [Read more…]

This was never my journey

Roughly ten years ago I sat in a doctor’s office waiting for some news. The room was cold. I was clammy. And the doctor kept me waiting for what seemed like an eternity. She had previously performed a biopsy of some suspicious cells in my cervix and I was waiting for the results. The doctor [Read more…]

Congratulations on surviving another year

Today my parents celebrate 34 years of marriage. THIRTY FOUR freaking years; That’s a long time to be married. It used to confuse me when I heard people say, “congratulations on x amount of years!” I never understood why congratulations were in order. It’s an anniversary, not a graduation or an award of some kind. [Read more…]

Don’t Say Yes to the Dress

It has been brought to my attention (thank you Facebook news feed) that wedding season has officially begun. I have several friends getting married this year and a couple already planning weddings for next year and I could not be more excited. I absolutely love weddings! The dresses, the extravagant updos, the beautiful boquets, the [Read more…]

Confession: I suck at relationships! 3 common relationship mistakes that we all make

For four years I studied relationships. I read all of the current research about how to make a relationship work, how to fix it if it is broken. I read books, attended lectures, watched videos, literally learned more than my brain’s capacity to retain about healthy relationships, healthy systems, and healthy families. I can sit [Read more…]