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A Recovering Addict’s Guide for Surviving the Holidays

If you are newly clean and sober, I’m sure you are experiencing a lot of holiday anxiety right about now. Don’t worry, it’s normal. It happens to all of us- even those of us with several years of recovery under our belts. My first sober Christmas was spent behind bars. That was difficult for a [Read more…]

Is Addiction A Disease or a Choice?

As a recovering addict, I wholeheartedly adhere to the disease model of addiction; many of us addicts do. The disease model believes that alcoholism and drug addiction are chronic brain diseases characterized by chemical malfunctions in the frontal lobe, mid-brain, certain neurotransmitters, reward structures, motivation and memory. Many people who have not struggled with addiction, [Read more…]

Life is Fragile: International Overdose Awareness Day

Life is fragile.  Sometimes I forget how precious and fragile life is. I get so busy living most days that I forget how close I was to dying. I actually did die a couple of times, although they don’t call it dying when paramedics/ doctors are there to resuscitate you. I think it’s just called [Read more…]

Mommy, What’s an Alcoholic?

Most of you know I’m an alcoholic. A low bottom, should-have-been-dead-hundreds-of-times kind of alcoholic. But I found a way out; I’m sober. I’ve been sober for a while and I thank God every day that I was fortunate enough to get sober before I had children. I can’t imagine their precious lives would have survived the [Read more…]

Sobriety Is Not Simply Abstaining From Alcohol

Our society lives and breathes for a quick fix. We scoff at the idea of having to sit with uncomfortable emotions or physical sensations. Have a headache? There’s a pill for that. Having trouble sleeping? There’s a pill for that. Having a hard time accepting your weight? There’s a pill (and a program) for that. [Read more…]

Happiness is Not Always A Choice

It seems lately my social media news feeds are filled with photographs and memes conveying the message that happiness is a choice. Some I’ve seen today are: “Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.” “Happiness is a choice, you decide.” “Happiness: it’s up to [Read more…]

Living, Breathing, Feeling: Why ‘I Don’t Know’ Is Sometimes The Best Possible Answer

This morning I woke up sad. Irritable. Angry. On edge. I don’t know why. It was as if I were walking around without skin; like all of my nerve endings were exposed. The slightest shift in the wind, in my husband’s tone, in my father’s eyes caused my insides to start bubbling up. My stomach [Read more…]

When an Addict Dies: It Could Have Been Me

A friend reached out this morning for advice. A dear friend of hers lost his battle with addiction. What do you say when someone dies from this disease? she asked. It could have been me. He was a really great kid, she said. Most of us are. He was clean. One wrong turn ended his [Read more…]